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VMI Tooling

VMI Tooling

VMI comprehends the importance of flexibility when producing a range of different sized products. We understand the challenges to match production schedules with changing market demands. As your preferred supplier of Tooling, we therefore keep a wide range of Tooling on stock to be able to quickly supply you the moment you need to produce an urgent order.

We take great care to ensure that our Tooling is not just of the highest quality, but also the logistical process of ordering and supplying Tooling is secured. At VMI, we do not take any risks with quality and we can therefore maintain a no hassle return policy. Our Tooling is furthermore backed with a 12 month quality guarantee!

In the design process of our Tooling, a lot of attention is given to make sure that they comply with our strict quality standards and are available at the lowest price per product. As the Tooling comes in direct contact with your final product, it is important that they are well maintained. VMI completes our Tooling with a refurbishment service that is executed at one of our Depot Repair Service Centers close to your facilities.

Besides high quality Tooling, VMI also strives to ensure that our pricing is transparent and competitive. You also enjoy further benefits as VMI can assist you or take care of the import of Tooling on your behalf through our local Regional Customer Services Centers or Agent network. We have a 24/7 Helpdesk available to assist you, should you require support installing your Tooling.

Product highlights

  • High quality Tooling with Refurbishment Service
  • Transparent and competitive pricing
  • Wide range of Tooling on stock to ensure quick delivery
  • Designed to guarantee the lowest price per product


VMI makes use of Regional Customer Services Centers that are your point of contact when ordering Tooling. We furthermore have more than 30 local agents close to you that can assist with the process of quote, ordering and import of Tooling.

Tooling orders are processed directly in our global ERP system after receiving your order. VMI expedites the order from the stock point closest to you to make sure that you receive your Tooling as soon as possible. If not available at the local stock point, Tooling is shipped from our central, state-of-the-art, fully automated distribution center. Orders are all track and traceable, allowing you to plan ahead for direct installation upon arrival.