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VMI Group - Technology meets success

VMI Relocation Services

VMI strives to make our customers more successful and with success, growth and expansion are inevitable. VMI therefore often supports customers with the relocation of machines from one area or factory to another. No matter the distance, VMI Relocation Services can offer a suitable solution at the lowest cost and maximum efficiency.

Included in VMI Relocation Services, VMI can take responsibility for project planning, supervision of or execution of the dismantling, packing, transportation, unpacking, installation and commissioning of the complete system. During a pre-inspection, it is furthermore possible to report on the condition of the equipment. This makes it possible to identity possible Upgrades or Retrofits that may be advisable as part of the Relocation, as the machine is planned to be down for a longer period of time anyway. Moreover, it is also the ideal time for performing Preventive Maintenance on the machine, to give it a brand new start at its new location.

Other important things to keep in mind are that operators and maintenance staff at the new location also have to be trained and the required Recommended Spare Parts should be replenished and made available at the new location. This to guarantee an optimum operation of the machine after relocation.

Product highlights

  • Tailor-made solution at the lowest cost and maximum efficiency
  • Services ranging from Supervision only to all-in Relocation
  • Structured approach with project management of major milestones
  • Single point of contact for complete process
  • To the point Relocation Report with details, photos and prioritized recommendations


Your VMI Service Coordinator is your single point of contact during the complete relocation process. A pre-inspection is often suggested to ensure that the condition of the machine before the relocation is ascertained. The pre-inspection is completed with a to the point Inspection Report that forms the basis for the Relocation. Planning of the entire Relocation is a very important step to decide who will be responsible for what part of the process and related planning. VMI can take the lead in this, by doing the project planning and supplying manpower. Alternatively, to reduce costs, VMI can also just supply supervision while you arrange manpower and the other resources needed.

Dismantling, packing, transportation, installation and commissioning are the major milestones during the Relocation. It can be that additional work on the machine may be required during the Relocation process. For example, a new retrofit can be installed to ensure the interfaces with the new location can be managed or an upgrade of obsolete parts such as control systems can take place. In most cases, customers also take advantage of the downtime to execute a major Preventive Maintenance service.

Once the machine is re-commissioned, your staff at the new location is trained to make sure that they can optimally operate and maintain the machine and the Recommended Spares stock is updated. The Relocation Service is concluded with a Relocation Report that includes details of the relocation, photos of important noticeable findings and a prioritized list of recommendations.