VMI Group - Technology meets success
VMI Group - Technology meets success

About us

About 1800 VMI people around the world continuously work on high tech, innovative solutions to make your company more successful. Since its foundation in 1945, VMI has expanded into a modern company with nine facilities on four continents, providing proven, reliable equipment, services and solutions.

VMI’s headquarters based in Epe, the Netherlands, employs about 1000 people. Through experienced and highly skilled people and an ambitious and enterprising management team, VMI is acknowledged as a respected market leader offering innovative machinery that is continuously developed and further enhanced.


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Technology meets Success

Our history timeline



Ing. Jan de Lange founded Veluwse Machine Industrie right after WWII.

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VMI’s rich heritage dates back to 1945. Today you can find VMI’s headquarters at exactly the same spot, next to the water mill in Zuuk, in an area with industrialization dating back to the early 1800s.

The company helped to rebuild the Dutch railways after the Second World War and soon entered new businesses; rubber and tire were followed by the can and care industry. Nowadays, VMI is regarded market leader in most of its industries.

Our Mission

Making our customers more successful through innovative technology.

Our Vision

In all of VMI’s industries, drivers for investment are automation, higher flexibility and quality.

To be successful in these increasingly more competitive markets, customers need highly innovative solutions, competitive cost of ownership and excellent services.


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Our suppliers belong to the best of the world


VMI’s suppliers belong to the best of the world and this makes us outperform our competitors. Are you interested in how to become a VMI supplier?

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VMI's parent company

TKH Group

VMI is part of an internationally active group of companies specialising in the creation and delivery of innovative Telecom, Building and Industrial Solutions. VMI belongs to the Industrial Solutions group.

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For VMI’s press communications and pictures downloads we refer to the related page Press & Media on our website.


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