VMI Group - Technology meets success
VMI Group - Technology meets success

An introduction to the VMI Management

VMI team members are passionate about their work, sharing a real feeling for high-tech quality, and work that satisfies our ambitions and makes our customers happy.


Global Executive Board

VMI Management - Harm Voortman
President & CEO

Harm Voortman

VMI Management - Arend Buter
Chief Financial Officer

Arend Buter

VMI Management - Mike Norman
Chief Commercial Officer

Mike Norman

VMI COO Jeroen Slobbe
Chief Operating Officer

Jeroen Slobbe

Global Management Team

VMI Management - Jeroen Hofstra
Vice President Global Human Resources

Jeroen Hofstra

Sander Jacobs Sales Director Tire
Sales Director Tire

Sander Jacobs

VMI Management - Riaan Diener
Vice President Global Order Engineering

Riaan Diener

Gerlof Korte Vice President Global R&D
Vice President Global R&D

Gerlof Korte

VMI Management - Jan Grashuis
Vice President Product Management

Jan Grashuis

VMI Management - Edwin van der Veen
Vice President Sales Operations

Edwin van der Veen

Erik Lapré Vice President Global Services
Vice President Global Services

Erik Lapré

VMI Management - Jouke de Boer
Vice President Global ICT

Jouke de Boer

VMI Management - Jan Hendriks
Vice President Global Production

Jan Hendriks

VMI Management - Henk IJzerman
Vice President Global Operations Control

Henk IJzerman

Group Controller

Siebren Kooistra

Edward Hofman VP Global Digitalization & Transformation
VP Global Digitalization & Transformation

Edward Hofman

Managers VMI facilities

Magdalena Sadowska
General Manager VMI Poland

Magdalena Sadowska

VMI Management - Henk IJzerman

Henk IJzerman

General Manager VMI Yantai

Edward Zhao

Ashok Bisoen
General Manager VMI Americas Inc.

Ashok Bisoen

Dennis Tan
Director South East Asia

Dennis Tan

Luciano Oliveira
General Manager VMI South America Ltda

Luciano Oliveira