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VMI Group - Technology meets success

VMI Preventive Maintenance

When you are in a business in which you cannot afford to stop your machine and need maximum performance day in, day out, you have to make sure that the machine does not breakdown unexpectedly. The cost of losing production or the risk on inferior product quality is much higher than spending time and money on proper maintenance. You furthermore have to ensure that when you do stop the machine, you do this as efficiently as possible without the risk of having to stop again soon because you do not have the right parts, or forget important activities that should be done.

VMI Preventive Maintenance is designed to guarantee a risk free operation and a production at maximum output. Based on our years of experience and insight into failures and spare parts consumption of our machines, we have designed Preventive Maintenance Routines and Spare Part Kits for each machine type. Our Service Engineers furthermore have extensive experience on how to quickly and effectively execute these Routines and install the Spare Part Kits. While doing so, our Service Engineers also check the condition of critical parts that do not need replacement on a regular interval, ensuring that no risks are taken with these parts as well.

VMI continuously evaluates our Preventive Maintenance to optimize Routines and lifetime of spare parts. Newly engineered parts or introduced technology are also assessed and included in our release cycles. VMI has designed our Preventive Maintenance in such a way, that it is also possible for your maintenance team to use the Routines and Spare Part Kits. Allowing you to save money and empower your own people.

Product highlights

  • Maximum protection against unplanned downtime and production risks
  • All Routines executed by experienced Service Engineers
  • All parts you require delivered at the right time
  • Single point of contact for maintenance planning & levelling
  • To the point visit report with details, photos and prioritized recommendations


Your VMI Service Coordinator is your single point of contact during the complete process. The Preventive Maintenance Spare Part Kit for your machine is ordered and delivered to your factory, after which our Service Engineers execute the Preventive Maintenance Routines and install the Spare Part Kit. The visit starts with a small briefing by our Service Engineer with your operators and maintenance team to obtain insight into the condition of your machine. This information helps our engineer to prioritize and focus more on specific areas of the machine when performing general checks on the condition of the non-wearing or critical parts.

Our Service Engineer executes all Routines and installs the Spare Parts Kits. After the Preventive Maintenance, a debriefing takes place to discuss findings and recommendations. The Preventive Maintenance is completed with a to the point visit report that includes details of actions executed, photos of important noticeable findings and a prioritized list of recommendations if any.

Preventive Maintenance Routines and Spare Part Kits are developed on a usage based interval. It will therefore be required to keep a record of your running parameters like days operation, hours production and units produced. Together with you, the VMI Service Coordinator determines the best fitting Preventive Maintenance interval matching the condition of your machine. If the condition is difficult to determine due to a backlog of maintenance that was never executed, a stand-alone major Preventive Maintenance visit is required to bring the machine back to zero condition. If the condition is known, then a single visit or a multi-year agreement is possible. A multi-year agreement has additional benefits such as improved maintenance planning and levelling by our Service Coordinators and allows for additional training of your people on how to execute the Preventive Maintenance yourself.