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VMI Depot Repairs

VMI Depot Repairs

When operating state-of-the-art equipment consisting of various high tech technologies, it may not be wise to endeavor maintenance on the more complicated parts without having the required tools, knowledge or documentation at your disposal. For executing detailed maintenance you need integral knowledge of the machine’s design that will allow you to correctly and efficiently re-assemble all the parts. This is something VMI as developer and builder of the machines possesses, but you may miss. To ensure that these parts are well maintained and that you are guaranteed of excellent quality of work, VMI offers Depot Repairs through one of our local Regional Customer Services Centers. The VMI Depot Repair Centers offer repairs or rebuilds with OEM quality parts to guaranteed perfection.

Apart from excellent quality work and a quick turnaround time, VMI offers a 12 month warranty on all parts being replaced. A detailed report highlights risks and other important improvements that can be made to enhance the condition or output of your products.

VMI strives to ensure that our parts and service pricing is transparent and competitive. Included in our price, you enjoy further added value as VMI can assist or take care of the import of parts on your behalf through our local Regional Customer Services Centers or Agent network. Our local stocks around the world allow you to have Depot Repairs done quickly. We have a 24/7 Helpdesk available to assist you, should you need support dismantling or installing your parts.

Product highlights

  • Depot Repairs include all the needed parts and services to quickly and effectively overhaul high tech parts.
  • High quality parts and services with 12 month quality guarantee.
  • Pricing is transparent and competitive.
  • Local stock.
  • 24/7 Helpdesk available to assist you should you need support dismantling or installing your parts.


VMI makes use of Regional Customer Services Centers that are your point of contact when ordering a Depot Repair. These Regional Customer Services Centers can assist with the process of quote, ordering and executing Depot Repairs. Depot Repairs are normally quoted at a fixed price for all the work and parts that are included in the overhaul. Additional work or parts that may be needed are quoted separately.

Depot Repair orders start by your request of this service. You can download the Return Maintenance Authorization (RMA) form here and after completing this form, it can be emailed to the Regional Customer Services Center closest to you. VMI processes this request directly into our global ERP system. A validation check is done to ensure that you do not order service that might not be fitting your machine. You will receive an order confirmation with planning of when the parts can be shipped to VMI for the Depot Repair. All you need to do is package the parts well and include the RMA form on top in the package. When the parts arrive at VMI, they are cleaned, inspected and you are informed of additional work that may be needed by means of a to the point report with photos.

Should you accept the quotation for the additional work, these parts will be ordered and VMI expedites the parts from the local stock to ensure that the repair is done as soon as possible. If not available in the local stock point, the parts are shipped form our central, state-of-the-art, fully automated distribution center where more than 3,000 unique parts are stocked.

The Depot Repair is finalized by assembling all parts, testing the unit and then packing and returning the unit back to you. You furthermore receive a final report of the condition of the parts and recommendations if any. The work and parts being replaced will carry a 12 month warranty.