VMI Group - Technology meets success
VMI Group - Technology meets success


"Getting the best out of your VMI solution


  • Ensure effective operation of your VMI REVOLUTE
  • Skilled and motivated staff
  • Improve adjustments and preventive maintenance
  • Knowledge sharing, interactive and hands-on
  • Instructions and “how to” on demand through our e-learning library

For effective plant operation, you need highly skilled and motivated personnel. For this purpose, VMI established the VMI Academy, to enable you to get the best out of your VMI REVOLUTE. The VMI Academy offers a wide variety of training programs specifically developed for your staff.

All VMI training programs are customer focused and based on your specific situation and information needs. Ranging from Basic Instruction to more Advanced Training and an extensive e-learning portfolio, the programs are suitable for both new and inexperienced staff as well as the more skilled employees. Next to machine training, we have also developed specific software training together with our software suppliers.

All (either live or remote) training will be performed by experienced specialist trainers and will combine theoretical instruction with interaction and hands-on activities. This to make sure your employees can immediately put the knowledge they have acquired to practice in your facility.

Our e-learning portfolio consists of training modules ranging from basic training courses, a knowledge library and a topics library, all designed to refresh and look up specific subjects on demand. So regardless whether they are experienced or need onboarding, we have VMI REVOLUTE training deliverables to match your needs.


Do you have a question about a training? Please contact us by using the contact form and we will contact you to discuss your training need in detail.

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