VMI Group - Technology meets success
VMI Group - Technology meets success

VMI Corrective Maintenance

VMI understand that you may not always have all the skills in house to execute specialist tasks or procedures, as these tasks do not have to be performed on a daily basis. That is why VMI’s experienced Service Engineers are readily available to support you with this. Depending on the nature of the work, our specialized mechanical, electrical, software and commissioning engineers will be able to assist you with appropriate advice and tasks, when and where required.

Corrective maintenance or breakdowns often create stressful situations. All VMI engineers are well trained to quickly identify appropriate actions and delegate accordingly the needed work to ensure that situations are resolved and making sure your production process continues as quickly as possible.

Product highlights

  • Specialist available in your region
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Understand your culture and speak your language
  • Managing stressful situations


The VMI pool of engineers world-wide ensures that we are always nearby. The benefit of our local engineer pools are that we operate close to you, reducing travel and costs and we understand your culture and speak your language. All of this increases efficiency and prevent miscommunication.

Getting your machine operational again as quickly as possible is our priority. During production time, we plan and prepare to solve the problem permanently. This allows us to apply permanent fixes in scheduled downtime of the machine, making sure that the problem does not occur again.