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VMI Group - Technology meets success

Parts & Logistics

"Safeguarding product quality

Where should you go for replacement parts? You might be inclined to think the least expensive supplier is the best option. However, buying spare parts at suppliers that do not fully understand the application of the part in the complete machine, may create a risk to your process. VMI continuously re-engineers and improves our parts to reduce Total Cost of Ownership. With VMI original parts, you are guaranteed that the parts fit the first time around.

VMI believes that if you want to be the best, you have to partner with the best. Therefore VMI merely works with tier 1 OEM suppliers that, just as VMI, have a proven track record of delivering only high quality parts. These suppliers invest in procedures that safeguard that the supply chain is secured as we do not want to take any risks with quality, allowing us to maintain a no hassle return policy. Our parts are furthermore backed with a 12 month quality guarantee!

Making sure that you get the right part at the right time, VMI has a state-of-the-art distribution center that is automated and allows your order to be shipped on the same day that we receive it. VMI keeps more than 30,000 parts on stock, which ensures that most of the parts you need are immediately available. Through our local service hubs and agent network, we facilitate parts import and we have the facilities in place to refurbish parts.

Product highlights

  • OEM quality parts
  • Continuous part improvement
  • 12 months guarantee
  • Quick deliveries
  • No hassle return policy
  • Part refurbishments possible via Depot Repair Centers