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Maintenance Support Program

Maintenance Support Program

"Tailor made program to help you improve

The day to day hectic of running production usually prevails and at the same time you have to worry about maintenance slots. Sometimes maintenance is seen as less important and then in the end it brings a lot of stress and consumes a lot of time that was not planned. This could also cause you to lose sight of the long term goals that are needed to achieve your strategic ambitions. VMI fully understands this and has therefore designed our products in a modular way allowing us to combine individual products to complement each other and drive improvements through your organization.

Whether your goal is to improve the Overall Equipment Effectiveness by a few percentiles, or to enter the OE market with your products, VMI has a tailor made set of products that will assist you in achieving these strategic goals. VMI makes sure that the improvements are continuously monitored by our single point of contact that will be dedicated to your program. VMI not only supports you in this, but we will make sure that you will get all the knowledge and experience to further continue the improvements, long after VMI concluded the Program.

Customers entering into a VMS Program with VMI, enjoy other advantages such as priority remote support when needed, additional training where required and frequent availability to engineers on-site.

Product highlights

  • Structured way to approach maintenance
  • You can focus on your core activities
  • Strategic goals achieved in fixed period of time
  • Single point of contact to assist with improvements
  • Priority for remote support