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Tunnel Batch-Off 900

Tunnel Batch-Off

The VMI High Performance Tunnel Batch-Off efficiently dips, cools and stacks rubber compound slabs with a high level of automation. The Tunnel Batch-Off is designed to handle slabs with widths up to 900 mm.

The Tunnel type can be combined with different stacker- and pallet- or box handling systems as described in the Stackers’ section. The choice of stacker type and box/pallet handling system, and there within the choice of level of automation, determines the overall functionality of the total batch-off line.

The inlet, dipping, drying and cooling sections of the VMI Tunnel Batch-Off can be composed out of different modules, enabling various functionalities. A continuous production requires another configuration than a batch by batch production. We designed batch tracking technology, slab marking technology and slab slitting and -perforation options. To meet your specific cooling and stacking requirements, we tailor the Batch-Off to your needs.

The design characteristics of the VMI Tunnel Batch-Off are all in detail defined for maximum reliability and durability, minimum wear, minimum required maintenance, easy cleaning and optimal ergonomics. This all continues to be realized against acceptable costs. Decades of (customer) feedback of VMI’s installed base combined with VMI’s constant strive for the best technical solutions remain to be the driving forces behind this.    

Product highlights

  • Batch tracking technology
  • Automatic hot sampling
  • Customized equipment
  • Stacked into precision


The inlet section receives the rubber slab coming from the mill or extruder and carries it on the conveyor to the dip unit. This section is heat resistant and can accommodate a slitter, a splicer roll, an impression printer or an ink jet printer and a (hot section) sampling device. The speed can be adjusted automatically to the upstream equipment.

The slitter system for cutting or perforating the slab lengthwise in continuous strips contains rotary knifes pressing on a hardened roll. The specified slitting patterns can be selected through the HMI.

In the dip unit the rubber slab is immersed in an anti-tack fluid and subsequently conveyed to the cooling festoon rack. In the cooling festoon rack the rubber slab is festooned on the carrier bars of the conveyor chain. The suspended slab is cooled and dried by fans.

The fans are mounted in groups of four, alternately on the left-hand side and on the right-hand side of the cooling rack. This alternate mounting of the fans ensures that the rubber sheet is cooled and dried equally on all sides.

The automatic gripper takes out the cooled and dried rubber slab that reaches the end of the cooling rack and releases it onto the take out conveyor.

A PLC based fully functional control system is controlling the batch-off and employs fault solving diagnostics.

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