VMI Group - Technology meets success
VMI Group - Technology meets success


"All VMI Rubber solutions are tailored to your specific needs and offer you precisely the combination your process requires.

VMI Rubber develops and produces millroom, extrusion and retreading equipment. Worldwide rubber manufacturers rely on the customized technology that is manufactured by the dedicated team of VMI Rubber.

Our rubber machinery is proven and reliable. The customized units for everything from cooling, stacking and cutting into retreading help our customers to generate a solid return on their investment.

The extruder gear pump systems are used in different types of extrusion applications, where precision of the extrusion product is a major requirement. VMI offers various applications such as wire coating, silicone tubing and profile extrusion including vacuum.

Global experience and personal service add up to high quality and profits, and will reduce your labor costs.

Reinventing Services

In all of VMI’s industries, technological advances are continuous. But one constant factor is VMI’s total commitment to providing proven, reliable equipment, services and solutions. That is also why VMI created VMI Services: to make sure that you not only operate the best equipment available, but that it also continues to be the best solution.

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21 June 2024
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