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High Performance Cutter Stacker

The VMI HP Cutter Stacker with integrated gripper fully automatically cuts and stacks slabs and sheets on flat pallets. The combination of the shear type cutter and the stacking control system result in very accurate piles of cut sheets.

The VMI HP Cutter Stacker with integrated gripper is developed for very accurate and fully controlled cutting and stacking of slabs of rubber compound of up to 900 mm wide. This stacker cuts rubber slabs into separate sheets with an electrically driven shear type cutter before being stacked.

The integrated gripper, together with the take-out conveyor, ensures a reliable take-out of many different shapes and lengths of rubber compound slabs.

Product highlights

  • Highly accurate slabs and sheet stacking
  • Shear type cutting system for single sheet cutting
  • Automatic slab take-out


The VMI HP Cutter Stacker is positioned at the end of the cooling rack and takes out the slab or sheets. The slabs are always taken out of the cooling installation fully automatically by means of the integrated, very reliable gripper system.

The automatic gripper vertically lifts off the slab of the bars in the cooling rack. The horizontal take-out conveyor of the HPCS cutter-stacker is actively driven under the gripper and under the slab. The free end of the slab then enters under a pressure-roller on the conveyor belt. Only when the slab is positively detected under this pressure-roller, the gripper claws are opened and stacking commences.

The stacking control system consists of two alternately moving flaps and is in place for achieving an optimum stacking quality on the pallet during wig-wag operation.

A shear type cutter is fitted on the HPCS cutter-stacker, which is capable of cutting once – before a pallet-change – and can also continuously cut separate sheets. A stacker carriage supports the cut sheets before and during cutting. This results in very accurate piles of cut sheets.

The lifting platform raises the empty pallet to proper position and it is lowered gradually during stacking, controlled by sensors in the hold-down flaps. When the stack of compound reaches a pre-set height, the slab is cut automatically and an automatic change of pallets is performed by the pallet conveyor and pallet store.

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