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Rotary Cutter Stacker

The VMI Rotary Cutter Stacker, is specifically developed for handling heavy thick and wide slabs, up to 1200 mm.

The rubber slabs are automatically taken out of the tunnel cooling rack and stacked with high accuracy on a pallet. The Rotary Cutter Stacker is often combined with a pallet conveying system enabling automatic pallet change. The sturdy rotary cutter system cuts the slab when a pre-set stacking height or weight on the pallet is reached and a pallet change is induced.

The Rotary Cutter Stacker is usually combined with an optional weighing- and dosing processor capable of dosing a predetermined weight upon a pallet or registering the exact weight when a predetermined stacking height is reached. A pallet conveying system is a good combination with the Rotary Cutter Stacker for automatic pallet-change, storage of empty pallets and preparing further (automatic) transport of full pallets.

Product highlights

  • Very wide slab stacking on pallets
  • High speed cutting and stacking
  • Ultimate stacking accuracy


The cooled and dried rubber slab reaches the end of the cooling rack and it is taken out automatically and conveyed towards the Rotary Cutter Stacker. The cutter is of a rotary type with one hardened knife blade in a rotary knife holder. A second, fixed knife blade is attached to the frame of the cutter module.

After the rubber sheet passed through the cutter unit, it is caught between the two hugger belts of the pendulum type stacker. The pendulum speed can be adjusted to further ensure stacking accuracy. Two alternately moving hold-down flaps catch the sheet as it emerges from the hugger belt and press the sheet down firmly on the rubber stack below.

The scissor type lifting platform for pallets is placed under the pendulum type stacker. When the stacking of the rubber slab starts, the lifting platform is in the most upper position. A proximity switch on one of the hold-down flaps controls the descent until the maximum predetermined stacking height or weight is reached. The slab is than cut and the pallet is lowered. A photocell checks the correct stacking and also detects tipping of empty pallets.

The full pallet, in this case usually extra heavy, is moved automatically to a take away position through a pallet conveying system. An empty pallet will be automatically brought in position for stacking, and the pallet store unit will place the next empty pallet in position for loading. The lifting platform can be adapted to handle your pallets.

An electronic label printer for printing the weighing data is optionally available to work together with a dosing processor. A number of data, such as production time and -date, storage area, batch number, material code and bar codes can be printed onto self-adhesive labels.

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