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Multi High Density III Cutter Stacker

The VMI Multi High Density (MHD) III Cutter Stacker makes very precise stacks of endless slabs in wigwag, or endless strip in wigwag with side movement at high speed.

As secondary function, the integrated cutting system, mainly used for end of strip/slab at box/pallet change, can cut slabs into separate sheets. This patented high-speed MHD III Cutter Stacker is our most flexible and sophisticated stacker, capable of stacking into boxes as well as on flat pallets. It is mounted in its own frame and is usually placed behind a Tunnel Batch-Off or behind or aside a Cantilever Batch-Off. The VMI MHD III is flexible in design and use, depending on the requirements, several functionalities are available.

Product highlights

  • Ultimate stacking accuracy
  • High speed cutting and stacking
  • Up to 900 mm rubber slabs


The VMI Multi High Density (MHD) III Cutter Stacker feed conveyor with integrated gripper is the version to be combined with a Tunnel Batch-Off. The gripper and take out conveyor take up the slab and transport it upwards to the pendulum type stacker mechanism.

The MHD III used as endless strip stacker, placed next to a Cantilever cooler, has another way of feeding. The strip is pulled out the Cantilever cooling rack by the take out conveyer which is mounted over the cooling rack. At the start of the production the strip end has to be placed on the take out conveyor by the operator. Usually, the sideward movement of the strip, realized by a sideward movement of the take out conveyor, is specifically made available in this utilization, whilst the capability of handling slab is then often not needed.

Two counter-rotating hugger-belts guide the rubber slab or strip from the take out conveyor down to the stacking level. As the slab or strip leaves the hugger-belt at stacking level, it is caught by one of two pneumatically operated hold-down flaps. These flaps press down the rubber slab on the pallet or box bottom. The pendulum subsequently pulls the slab or strip straight, so that a flat pile of rubber strip is formed. With strip or strips, a sideward movement may be induced by the intake conveyor, spreading the strip or strips over the full width of the pallet or box bottom.

At the beginning of a stacking-cycle, a pallet or the box bottom is automatically raised to the proper position underneath the hugger belt by a hydraulic scissor type lifting platform. It is lowered again gradually during stacking, controlled by sensors in the hold-down flaps. As the stack of compound reaches a pre-set height during the stacking process, the slab can be cut automatically and the pallet or box sinks to floor level or pallet/ box conveyor level. The MHD III stacker can be combined with a pallet/box conveyor, enabling automatic pallet/box change. During the lifting of the lowering cycle the empty weight of the pallet/box and the gross weight when filled can be measured, enabling to register the net weight.

In the MHD III stacker, a shear type cutter is installed. The cutting system has its fixed lower knife attached to the frame of the MHD III stacker. The moveable upper knife of the cutting system is driven by a frequency controlled motor via a double crankshaft mechanism. This system ensures virtually vibration-free cutting, while the knife is accelerated and decelerated smoothly. This cutting system has proved itself capable of continuous slab-cutting during a 24/7 operation.

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