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Multi High Density 500 Stacker

Stacking VMI MHD 500 Stacker

The Multi High Density (MHD) 500 Stacker handles strips and slabs with high accuracy. This stacker is capable of very precise stacking of single strips and slabs up to 500 mm wide into a box or onto a pallet at high speed.

It can be considered as the lighter version of the MHD III Stacker, which is suitable for slabs up to 900 mm width. The MHD 500 is the optimum for handling strips.

To achieve a very dense stacking pattern for non-sticking compounds, the MHD 500 stacks the different loops of a strip exactly adjacent to one another. Alternatively, the strips can also be stacked with an empty space beside each strip to create a stack of rubber with more “air” in it, which is better suited for stacking more adhesive compounds. Stacking the strips more or less overlapping is also an option, preferably for stacking wider strips.

The MHD 500 Stacker stacks rubber slabs up to 500 mm wide and it has the ability to stack two small strips simultaneously. In combination with our Cantilever Batch-Off you would be able to handle slabs and strips with only one system.

Product highlights

  • Lateral and longitudinal stacking
  • Dense stacking or with more ‘air’ in between
  • Precise stacking at high speed


After the strips have been fully cooled and dried sufficiently, which is necessary for this high density stacking, they are taken out of the cooling rack. A swivel type feeding conveyor takes up the strips and transports them upwards to the stacker mechanism.

Two laterally adjustable photocells are mounted in this frame, detecting the outsides of the rubber strips as they pass from the swivel-type conveyor towards the stacking mechanism.

The MHD 500 is a pendulum type stacker, using two counter rotating modular plastic hugger belts to guide the strips of rubber compound from the feed-in conveyor all the way down to the stacking level. The strips or slabs are than caught by one or two pneumatically operated hold-down flaps. These flaps press down the rubber, the pendulum subsequently pulls the strip straight and a neat stack of rubber is formed. The MHD 500 stacks strips or slabs into box pallets or onto flat pallets in longitudinal and in lateral direction. The boxes or pallets are lifted to the stacking position by a hydraulic scissor lift and is lowered gradually during stacking.

Combinations with a cutting system and with box/pallet conveyor with weighing system are possible.

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