VMI Group - Technology meets success
VMI Group - Technology meets success


VMI PIXXEL is a single, integrated platform containing its own logical and processing capability, with the ability to interface and integrate with all the systems, hardware and software, around it. With VMI PIXXEL, the performance for both guidance and monitoring has been enhanced, and new levels of visualization have been introduced into the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the operators. The result is both greater accuracy in performance and much improved simplicity in operation and management, leading directly to better productivity.

Product highlights

  • High quality imaging by using latest sensor technology.
  • Easy to use interface with more than 10 tire and rubber related applications selectable from one GUI.
  • Storage and export of images for further offline analysis.
  • Integrated platform for both monitoring and guiding.


VMI PIXXEL results in improved performance in all key areas in tire building. For breaker guidance, the camera is automatically calibrated and lens errors are identified and compensated for. On the machines, sensors are used to identify any actions that stray beyond agreed tolerances and lead to automatic intervention. For strip splicing, each overlap is measured to ensure that it stays within the tolerances. Smart algorithms developed by VMI are able to interpret the images to enable fast, automated intervention to correct errors, while the advanced visualization software makes it easier for operators to understand what is happening at all times.

The data obtained during the production process, can now also be exported as a way of improving quality assurance and for providing auditable date for use by tire manufacturer customers. With VMI PIXXEL, this data is instantly available for immediate quality assurance, giving the tire manufacturer a huge competitive advantage in the market.