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VMI Group - Technology meets success


The VMI APEXER featuring VMI’s renowned extrusion technology automatically assembles freshly extruded apex with a pre-manufactured bead, ensuring a consistent high quality bead apex. One operator can control multiple fully automatic APEXER lines, producing up to 10,000 beads a day per line.

The applied extruding technology is optimized for use with the VMI APEXER and features our patented quick exchange die head including pre-heating for minimal downtime.

Product highlights

  • Renowned extrusion technology
  • Consistent high quality bead apex
  • High automation level


A pre-fabricated bead is automatically unloaded from the bead storage carousel and is positioned on the pneumatically expanding bead apex assembly table. The apex strip is supplied from an extruder, transported over a shrinkage conveyor, a cooling unit and a festoon towards the apex assembly table. The leading end of the apex is cut under a 45° angle and is pressed against the bead. The table with the bead and the apex rotates to a position where a second cutter cuts the apex to match the leading end to form a perfect splice. The splice is consolidated by pressure rollers.

Once apexed, the beads are presented on an output carousel, separated by sheets, stacked with special separators on a special cart, or stacked onto VMI carriers on a special wheeled pallet.

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