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VMI Group - Technology meets success

VMI EXXIUM radial passenger tire building machine

The VMI EXXIUM radial passenger tire building machine combines fully automatic tire building with short cycle times, high efficiency and output. The machine furthermore gives full flexibility for an operator to interfere with the process in case of more complicated tire constructions or components that require manual adjustments. This results in a production of high quality tires at minimum cost.

Product highlights

  • Optimal green tire quality
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Increased automation
  • Excellent return on investment


The basic system comprises several modules. The tire assembly machine is the front end of the machine where the tire is assembled in two parallel processes: building the belt & tread package at the belt & tread side and building the carcass package at the carcass side.

The belt & tread side on the left of the machine consists of a belt & tread drum housing which moves along the track and makes vertical movements. This enables the use of fixed belt, tread and cap strip applicators, creating a more consistent process. The drum housing moves the drum to the applicator and, if necessary, makes corrective movements during the application.

The carcass side on the right of the machine consists of a fixed carcass drum housing and a moving transfer ring which picks up the package from the carcass drum. The bead setters move independently along the track. The multi disc applicator roll, the brush roll and the Clip-Bar for automatic pre-assembly application are robustly and sturdily mounted to the top frame. The multi disc roll has three independent zones and can have two different size distributions. All zones can be driven individually.

The green tire is assembled on the transfer ring. The finished tire is removed by the green tire removal ring and is automatically transferred to the inspection and removal table in front of the machine. The offline bead loader is located in front of the machine at an ergonomic location for the operator. The areas in front of the belt & tread and carcass side are guarded by light curtains.


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