VMI Group - Technology meets success
VMI Group - Technology meets success

VMI in the Pharma market

Delivering the right medicines to the right people at the right time is a top priority. VMI designs and supplies automated, smart machines to ensure the best outcomes for everyone.

As pharmacists, you understand exactly why automation in dispensing is so important: for patient safety, regulatory compliance and competitive advantage. Yet we believe you are not yet satisfied with the options on the market. Either you find that operational efficiency is not as high as you expected, or you need too many human interventions to fix problems or make changes.

Or you are simply seeing an unacceptably high level of errors, leading to pressure on final checks, which takes time and therefore money.

If any of this seems familiar to you, then the VMI INDIVION/PHARYS solution could be what you’ve been waiting for. Our machine has been designed from the ground up to eliminate the common causes of errors, (we meet 99.97% accuracy rates, and can prove it), all while providing production speed that is not only exceptionally high, but also requires a very low level of human touch points, as well.

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Medicine Adherence

VMI’s automated solutions ensure that patients receive the right medications prescribed for them by doctors, packaged so they receive the exact treatment prescribed, with no omissions and errors. Pouch Packaging helps patients to take the correct doses on time, without supervision. Automation, delivered by VMI’s smart machine expertise, is not just more efficient, it’s also a better solution for patient welfare.

Dispensing Efficiency

Pharmacists all over the world are being challenged to meet higher standards of accuracy, at lower cost– and that’s not easy. To deliver the efficiency that ensures every player meets its financial targets, automation is essential. Pharmacists are looking for economies of scale and reduced unit costs. Automation, through VMI’s smart machine expertise, is vital to keeping our healthcare systems commercially sound.

Public Health

Healthcare is key to social cohesion, but it is costly and complex. There is a drive to deliver more care outside hospitals and make budgets go further each year. Automation is a key factor in raising the standard and reducing the cost of public health. Automation, through VMI’s smart machine expertise is contributing directly to better healthcare outcomes.