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VMI Group - Technology meets success


While the VMI INDIVION and the VMI 3D pouch packaging machines are key components for a Multi-dose Drug Dispensing (MDD) pharmacy, the real genius behind all this is VMI PHARYS. PHARYS is our multi-level software platform that fully supports MDD pharmacies with the production of pouch rolls, or so called individual medication rolls. It encompasses the entire production process from receipt of your prescriptions (patient orders) to dispatch.

PHARYS is “the brain” of your MDD configuration, managing and guiding MDD processes. PHARYS enables pharmacies to experience more streamlined operations for automated unit-dose or multi-dose packaging, workflow efficiency, pouch verification and pouch corrections. PHARYS is built on an integrated platform from which multiple operations can be performed at the same time. The system is scalable and is designed to expand as your pharmacy grows.

PHARYS Operations Management plans, controls and supervises the entire dose dispensing process. It offers extensive functionality for processing patient and medication data, either directly entered into PHARYS and/or uploaded from supported data formats such as XML, flat-file, HL7 etc. or sophisticated interfaces with a PMR system. From a single database, it is possible to control multiple pouch packaging and pouch verification machines.

PHARYS is intuitive and very easy to work with. Our solution guides your operators step by step through the execution of their tasks, which they will manage faster and without errors. As our software is easy to use, you can easily reinforce your teams with temporary staff, who will be up and running in no time. Your operators do not have to make business decisions or remember customer agreements; they simply need to execute the tasks indicated. You will have full control and visibility of all operations providing the following benefits:

Product highlights

  • Error-free deliveries
  • Ability to accept ‘last minute’ orders
  • Reliable deliveries and traceability
  • Optimal use of installed equipment
VMI Pharys
VMI Pharys

Your pharmacy in good hands

MMD process and production intelligence is all about combining operations data from your installed assets into actionable information. Information that provides the right insights to improve the decision making process for pharmacists and operational managers in order to plan, optimize and continuously improve operations, to stay competitive in a rapidly changing environment. PHARYS is not simply a product, but a proven strategy for building a digital Pharmacy architecture that can optimize plant performance.

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