VMI Group - Technology meets success
VMI Group - Technology meets success


VMI has brought its 30 years of experience in designing highly automated machines to develop what we believe is probably the most advanced and high performing pouch-based medicines packing system in the world. INDIVION produces up to 10,000 pouches per hour, with an average dispensing accuracy better than 99.97%. The number of pouches that need rework is extremely low when compared with most other machines, with very little risk of cross contamination.

Product highlights

  • Exceptionally high capacity of up to 10,000 pouches per hour
  • More than 1,000 smart canisters with RFID technology
  • Equipped with a reliable and durable industrial robot
  • Maximum dropping height of medicines is 21 cm (8 inch)

The need for greater speed and efficiency is seen across the entire pharmaceutical industry. Whether you run a Central Fill Pharmacy, a larger retail or hospital pharmacy, you are facing the same challenges: more items to pack, more services to deliver, stricter quality measures to satisfy, better data protection and stricter regulations.

For the increasing number of high-volume automated dose packaging hubs, a much higher level of efficiency is needed. We believe automated pouch packaging will be a key part of the solution to these urgent needs.

VMI Indivion brochure

VMI VMI Indivion brochure

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