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Wash Coater

Tin plate food cans typically require an external protection against corrosion that takes place during the cooking process.

As part of your two-piece food can processing line, the VMI Can wash coater uses two curtains to coat the outside of cans. The compact design gives you the smallest footprint in the industry. Entirely constructed of stainless steel, the machine has coating filters, two air knives and a cleaning sponge roll. The machine can furthermore be extended with an optional separate sponge roll system for cleaning the rim of the can.

Product highlights

  • Three coating curtains
  • Smallest footprint available


Wash-coating the exterior of two-piece tin-plate food cans protect the cans against corrosion.

Cans are transported on a conveyor belt through the VMI wash coater. The conveyor belt is supported by a belt support system that minimizes splatter and drape within the can.
The wash coater will have three coating curtains to coat the outside of the cans. To obtain a consistent wash coat thickness, long drain decks with drain deck rinsing risers will be applied.
To minimize carry-over of solutions and chemicals, a blow-off system blows the solutions of the water out of the can dome.
A separate sponge roll system cleans the wash coat of the rim of the cans. A squeeze roll returns the wash coat to the tank.

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