VMI Group - Technology meets success
VMI Group - Technology meets success
5 March 2018

VMI Care at Infarma Madrid 2018

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VMI Care will be exhibiting for the first time with APORX at the Infarma Madrid 2018. The Infarma is a European Pharmacy Meeting of the European Congress of Community Pharmacy and the Over the Counter Medicines and Parapharmacy Exhibition. The newest products and experiences for the pharmaceutical industry are presented at the Infarma.

VMI Care’s Automated Dose Packaging System (ADD or SPD system) produces individual patient pouch packs in an almost entirely automated way, cutting out most of the repetitive manual work now performed by skilled personnel. The automated optical system checks that the right medicines are packaged in the right quantities and also produces a permanent, digital record of everything that happens during the production process. The VMI Care systems have been proven to cut the rate of errors to almost zero. This reduces health risks to patients and business risks to pharmacists by providing clear and complete compliance.

You are very welcome to visit the VMI Care Pharma team at the Infarma to discuss details of VMI Care’s solutions to see if they meet your requirements. You can find VMI Care at the stand of APOTHEKA (APORX)in hall 6, with number B609.

The Infarma 2018 is organized in Madrid, Spain on the 13, 14 and 15th of March 2018.