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VMI Group - Technology meets success
25 September 2023

VMI Tour for Kika recap

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VMI raises 88,230 Euro for KiKa!

From September 15-18, VMI organized the VMI Tour for KIKA to raise money for Stichting Kinderen Kankervrij (KiKa – Children Cancer-free foundation).

In four days colleagues from The Netherlands, USA, Poland and Malaysia cycled from our VMI facility in Cham (Germany) to our VMI facility in Leszno (Poland), ran a 20K route per day or took part in a scenic challenging 20K hike on all days. What a great achievement for all sporters and the support team.

During the year VMI colleagues from all over the world organized small and large events to contribute to this much needed cause, from carwashes to organizing food trucks, and we have raised the fantastic amount of 88,230 Euro for Stichting Kinderen Kankervrij (KiKa)!

Day: 1

On the first day of the VMI Tour for Kika, the bikers had a nice route of almost 150 kilometers from our facility in Cham to Príbram in the Czech Republic. The hikers and runners toured the surroundings of Cham for their challenge. For everybody a good first day enjoying the beautiful surroundings and nice weather.

Day 1 VMI Tour for Kika

Day 2:

Todays route took us from Príbram to Turnov, with 182 kilometers of biking with 1400 height meters. A tough day with the warm temperatures and unfortunately some mechanical issues. The hikers and runners toured the hills of Beroun, with some fantastic views.

Day 3: 

We went to the top of the Czech Republic today with a 156 kilometer tour and crossed over the mountains into Poland. The hikers and runners had a nice 20 kilometer hike in the area of Harrachov, close to the Czech-Polish border. One more day to go before we reach our final destination at VMI Leszno!

Day 3 VMI Tour for Kika

Day 4: 

After another 138 kilometers on the bike and a tour in the vicinity of Leszno for the runners and hikers, we reached our final destination of our VMI Tour for KiKa, the VMI facility in Leszno. What a great achievement for all sporters and the support team.

VMI Tour for Kika 2023