VMI Group - Technology meets success
VMI Group - Technology meets success
10 May 2016

VMI RETRAX program completed with automatic builder

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VMI now introduces the RETRAX builder, an automatic pre-cured tread applicator, to deliver the highest quality and productivity in retreading. Combined in one machine lay out, the cushion gum extruder, automatic tread applicator and automatic stitcher form the ultimate VMI Retrax machine version available. The automatic alignment of the tread on the casing and the automatic and balanced stretching provide a perfectly matching splice, guaranteeing an optimum quality.

The new RETRAX builder control system does not require inputs such as tire- and tread parameter settings. Based on automatic measurements of the actual carcass diameter and tread length, the required stretch to be applied on the tread to assure a good splice, is calculated by the machine software. This specified stretch is then applied over practically the full length of the tread while the tread is automatically centered. The RETRAX & applicator combination is available in several versions, each suitable for a specific capacity range, with the largest combination available producing up to 165 high quality retreads per eight hour shift.

The new RETRAX builder has the following product highlights:

  • Easy set-up, low manpower, high output
  • Automatic skive filling by extrusion-smearing technology
  • Automatic aligning and stretching technology
  • Even stretch application of pre-cured tread